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The state of the Tailgate. What's wrong with it? How can it be improved? What will you do to make sure it is improved?

I firmly believe that the Tailgate is on the right track. I find very little wrong with the Tailgate...except Burgold's incessant thread starting :silly:

I have no problem with post not counting, keeps the riff-raff out. However, should I be elected and the people who elected me want posts to count in the tailgate, I will work ferverently to make their wishes come true....

The Redskins. Where do you see them ending up this season and how will you make sure they win as many games as possible?


I have already announced a subsidy program to pay for tickets to REAL Redskins fans. These fans will have to have in-depth knowledge of the history of the team and when the hell to cheer in a friggin game (hint: not when we are on offense).

With more true Redskins fans at the game (and less opposing fans), the Redskins will enjoy more of a homefield advantage over their opponents.

Finally, I will build a retractable roof over the stadium with my personal funds.

....Okay, so maybe 9-7

Prohibition. How angry would you be if it were reinstated?

VERY upset. Booze is one of the cornerstones of my campaign...

Big burritos. Chipotle or Qdoba (or other; political suicide)?

Rubios. Duh.

9) Concealed weapons. How big is yours?

Larger than SO's.

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Noted. But if I don't win, then...............

Skins24 will STILL do as promised maybe

Because that's how generous Skins24 is. Skins24 is the nicest mother f you will ever meet, so vote for Skins24!

or else

You got my vote. I've been to 3 games and the Skins are 3-0. If it is an important game and the division or playoffs are on the line, I'm you're guy.

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