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Witten/Bennet vs Cooley/Davis


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I think the only thing he does better than Cooley, is block.

that and catching, recieving yards and first downs.

Also runnung without a helmet.

I understand thia is as close as it can be for wo great TE's playing in the NFL...BOTH, Witten and Cooley are outstanding.

Cooley most definitly catches more TD's then Witten, and I ll give that up........ofcourse, the fact that TO has scored 28 TD's in the past 2 seasons and the fact that MB3 scored 24 the past 2 seasons, has to be a factor. That has taken some scoring opportunities out of Wittens hands. :2cents:

Again, this does not take away from what Cooley has done and the production he has had........Its not like you have to tear one down to make the other look good.

Cooley had what ? 6 TD's as a rookie in the NFL, he is a GREAT TE and a very big part of the Skins and thier success. He could without a doubt and without shock to me, end up the best TE in this era including Gates and Gonzales...........

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