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6 Supposed Action Heroes You Could Probably Take In A Fight


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Yo, A-Team should not be on that list. They were like a 4 man version of MacGuyver. You can't stomp MacGuyver.

I mean, I saw one episode where they made a cannon out of canned foods and a pvc pipe and took down a team of mercenaries.

Seriously. Defeated a armed and trained fighting force with canned foods and PVC pipes they made in 20 minutes. And took all of them alive. I don't care how inept the other people are, that's pretty skilled.

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Actually, I, myself, remember one episode where he won. I actually thought it was cool. (Don't remember the episode title.)

Ryker becomes an "exchange officer", serving aboard a Klingon vessel. While Ryker is transferring over, Enterprise notes some corrosion on the Klingon's hull, but it appears minor.

Later, the Klingons notice that something seems to be eating their hull. Going back through their sensor logs, they observe that during their rendezvous, Enterprise was focusing scanners on that exact spot on their hull. They conclude that Enterprise is testing some new weapon on them, and that they should go, defeat Enterprise, and take this weapon from them.

Ryker, protesting the Federation's loyalty, and his own loyalty to the Klingons, manages to trick the Klingon Captain into beaming himself to the Enterprise bridge. Klingon Captain materializes on Enterprise bridge.

While he's standing there, the viewscreen lights. Ryker, who is now the Captain of the Klingon vessel, is surrendering. Klingon stares at the viewscreen, stunned, then begins to growl, louder and louder. He reaches a full roar, and turns to face the bridge, with a weapon in his hand. (He drew it while he was roaring at the viewscreen.)

And Worf shoots him. See, Worf drew his weapon while the Klingon Captain was growling at the viewscreen, too, and was standing there, waiting for him to turn around.

That one I really liked. I merely thought that was the only case.

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