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ESPN: Berry: Redskins nugget in fantasy football article


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The Redskins: I'm high on this team. Clinton Portis is obvious, like Jason Campbell as a sleeper, think Santana Moss has a very nice year and Antwaan Randle El will be bye-week worthy. Chris Cooley continues to be an underrated fantasy tight end. I actually met Randle El at ESPN recently when he was doing some interviews and he raved about Jim Zorn as a head coach. Raved. The West Coast offense that Zorn will install is a good fit for the personnel and there will be a decent amount of Fantasy goodness in the nation's capital this year.

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That guy Berry is a huge Skins fan, so take this with a grain of salt. He's always high on the Skins.

Yeah, and he is speaking strictly in terms of Fantasy potential. This speaks nothing to the success of the team.

Berry touting the 'Skins highly is cool, though no less questionable than all the prognosticators picking them to finish last in the division.

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I heard Cooley on the john Riggins show yesterday and he did rave about JZ. What I got a laugh was the remark about Joe Bugel help with the receivers blocking down field after the catch. The offensive line running backs and receivers all in the same meetings together.

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Unlike Saunders who todd collins said it takes 1 year to learn the system and 3 years to perfect, this system will be about the players and not the coach or stats.

Dang! Just missed perfection in year 3 if Saunders was still around.

Part of me wants to believe that we would have been a top 10 offense if it wasn't for all the injuries and if we were in a position to draft an offensive threat or two last year. :2cents:

Or maybe even if BL caught more that just 2 passes... :doh:

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I always pick Cooley up in the 4th round and get JC in one of the latter ones....yeah, I'm a homer.

Cooley in the 4th?? I hope your league consists of 16 teams. Otherwise you are a homer. :D

Portis and Cooley are the only ones that I will draft. The others are normally too inconsistent, but that could change with the WCO...

Ditto even though CP didn't do too much for me last year.


IMO the only Skins worth drafting are CP within the first or second round, JC in the later rounds, and Cooley in the mids. We have a boat load of WRs with health issues and IMO the ball is going to be spread around too much. Santana would be a decent #3 WR/Flex on a squad.

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