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Falcons release 2nd round pick in 2006 FS Williams


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Looks like the complete purge of VaTech players from the roster is complete.

Falcons | Team releases J. Williams

Tue, 17 Jun 2008 12:30:42 -0700

Steve Wyche, of The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, reports the Atlanta Falcons released FS Jimmy F. Williams Tuesday, June 17. Williams reportedly fell out of favor with the new coaching staff after he showed up to offseason workouts weighing 236 pounds.

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Didn't this clown take a cell phone call while meeting with Gibbs, then Gregg Williams told him he might as well leave Redskins Park?

I swear I read that somewhere...

And getting up to 236 is pretty damn pathetic, is he hoping to be WLB?

All I know is he smoked a ton of dope when he was here and got caught at least once in the NFL.

I'm not interested at all.

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All I know is he smoked a ton of dope when he was here and got caught at least once in the NFL.

I'm not interested at all.

The search wasn't working for me on Extremeskins, so I had to use the google version:


21KillzCowboysMay-1st-2006, 02:15 PM

I got this from a Cowboys board - posted by a 'reliable' Cowboys fan. Very funny and revealing if true. VT sure puts out the character guys.

"I have a friend that works for the Redskins. He is not very high up in the organization, but he recounted a story that was circulating through Redskin Park about Jimmy Williams.

The Redskins brought Jimmy in for a pre-draft interview. Apparently, those interviews last a few hours and they look at a little film with the player, allow him to speak with coaches, and tour the facility. Anyway, about 10 minutes into his interview with Gibbs and Greg Williams, Jimmy's cell phone rings. Instead of turing it off, Jimmy takes the call from a friend, gets up from the table and proceeds to talk loudly to his friend for a few minutes. After he hung up the phone, he began to text message someone.

At that point, Greg Williams stood up and said that he would never allow Williams to play for him and Gibbs had Jimmy escorted out of the building.

This story certianly rings true because he was a top 15 pick at the end of the season and fell to the 37th pick in the draft because of his attitude during interviews. I think its funny because anyone who had seen him play at VT knew he was a jerk."

later in the thread:


May-1st-2006, 02:28 PM

Wasnt ESPN running a story about a "Player" who didnt turn off his cell phone during his interview, and it went off, and the player took the call.

This must be the guy who went nameless... if I can find the story I will post it



As more and more Americans migrate through life with a rectangular solid pressed against one of their ears, it's more important than ever for us all to realize when to turn off the cell phones -- or, at a minimum, to set them to "silent."

One of the most important times to remember this is during a job interview.

We mention the topic because we've heard that a first-round draft prospect who was recently visiting with a NFL team had his cell phone ring not once but twice while meeting with the head coach.

The incident, along with other things that occurred during the session, prompted one source with the team to tell us that the player was "the biggest ass**** we've ever brought in." We've opted not to name the kid for now because, based on information we've obtained from other sources, it appears that he simply was having a bad day.

Good day or bad day, though, it's critical to turn off the damn phone. Especially after the thing goes off for the first time at a bad time.

The story was I guess never proven true, but the guys from VT said it seemed like it could've easily been true given his character and his issues on the football team...

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bring him in, he was a heck of a ball player at VT!

Hell to the no! I've heard nothing but bad things about this moron, and the fact that he disrepesected a HOF coach and a top defensive NFL coordinator in such a pompous manner during an interview puts the icing on the cake.

I don't want this guy anywhere close to Redskins Park. :mad:

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Can't belive people want to bring him in to DC after all the smack talk about Pac Man. This guy is obviously on the same planet as PMJ. If he changes his last name to Jones, Im sure the Girls will scoop him up.

I wouldn't say he's as bad as PacMan, but he's not as talented.

He's a disrespectful punk who likes bong hits, not someone I want on my team but PacMan's rap sheet is much worse.

Then again, PacMan has proven to be at least a decent corner and good return man.

Williams..not so much.

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how are these guys smoking dope and only getting caught by police? Don't they get tested?

Although I do know people who take stuff and pass piss tests. so...

Most college athletes don't, NCAA drug tests year round and they're pretty serious about it.

Some guys get away with it, theres a million ways to do it, not sure how stringent the test themselves are.

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Passsing a drug test for Pot is pretty easy. You can get this detox drink from GNC and it will be out of your system in a day. Other drugs unfortunately though are a different story. :(

BTW, just because someone likes smoking pot doesn't make them an *******. I'm not saying J.Williams is not an ******* but it has nothing to do with him smoking pot. If that were the case, half the state of California, CP, Moss are all *******s.

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