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News reports that are positive??


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I just read this in Redskins Breaking News.

MVN - No “issues” on the Redskins


It didn't say much, but what it did say did not infer that we suck, are feeble, or that Zorn is incompetent..

Seems like everything I read about my beloved team is negitive...

Am I blinded by my faith that I discredit all of the alleged "experts" and continue to believe?

Yea, we have a new (long shot) coach, and traded away our first round pick. SO WHAT???

We have some young WRs coming along, a solid QB that is getting into "his game', and should shine, an O Line thats healthy. Our defense shouldn't be THAT bad.

I'm drinking the Kool-Aid, contrary to everything I read.

Am I that far off-base, dismissing everything I see, and "keeping hope alive"?

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When dealing with a difficult person, we say they have “issues.”

There are no issues on the Redskins these days.

I’ve spent time this month posting stories to The NFL Source, providing MVN’s general coverage of pro football players. The biggest NFL post-draft stories involve unhappy players not participating in mandatory minicamps, players going on or coming off suspension, player arrests, players demanding trades in the middle of commitments to their team.

None of those stories involve Washington Redskins.

We have Joe Gibbs to thank for that. We I derided St. Joe for the term “core Redskin” that seemed so meaningless come contract time. But Gibbs applied the term to players with a sense of values. It’s a rare Redskin that embarrasses the team.

Sean Taylor gave the coaches a few fits, but with a lot of mentoring by Gregg Williams and his own maturation, Taylor grew to be a player were proud to cheer for.

I have to give the nod to the owner, too. There is a long list of Drew Rosenhaus clients unhappy with their current contracts. Clinton Portis, Santana Moss, London Fletcher-Baker and Devin Thomas are not among them. (Rookie Thomas is negotiating his first NFL deal with Washington.)

seemed like a pretty positive read to me. I love the fact we dont have to deal with those types of things
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ESPN picked us to win the superbowl when Dan Snyder first took over. What he did since then earned us what we get. We have been one of the worst performing franchises.

Not sure why you care what the news reports say. Until we play like a team year over year in contention, we should get what we deserve...a cold shoulder.

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Not sure why you care what the news reports say.

We work off the presumption that most analysts analyze. They seem to see something far different than I.

What are they looking at? Are they seeing with tunnel vision, and seeing just our coach, who is yet unproven? How can they miss CP, JC, Moss, and ARE? Cooley, Landry? How can they not give us kudos for our draft scenario, which worked our beautifully?

I believe with my heart, bleed burgundy and sweat gold. That does sway the way I see things. Recently, all I see in print is that we will be in the cellar of the league.

We are played off as the "red headed step child" of the NFL.

We get "No respect". I guess we will have to take it by force.

I have confidence in my new coach, his style, our players, and there abilities.

I have been a fan all my life, and, as many of you, if we beat Dallas, its a good season! This season seems special; with the team that Gibbs left, our players leaving Seattle hurt, and a fresh start.

As I said before, I'm drinking the Kool-Aid by the gallon.

Personally, I love the underdog role, and the hiring of Zorn has put us there, yet again. GOOD, so be it. I will take it gladly. If anything, it makes me cheer harder.

The point of the post is that analysts do not see things the same way we do.

How can they miss these things?

Either they are idiots, or I am.

It's gotta be them:silly:

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I believe with my heart, bleed burgundy and sweat gold.

I wish I could sweat gold.

Frankly, we haven't been in the news much at all this off season, probably because there have been no big personnel changes. We had a good squad last year as we showed by making the playoffs, and with minimal turnover, I think we're set up for another pretty good year. So I'm operating under the theory that "no news is good news."

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Most of the experts aren't really experts.

Until we get it right and make the playoffs without sneaking in on a late season run, and go a year or two without num-nutted FO moves, what do you expect them to say? Our track record under Snyder is pretty definitive, and we are fairly old as a team.

That being said, I say drink the Kool Aid, if it makes you happy. What's wrong with hoping until you know for sure?

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News in general is negative unless there's a bandwagon to jump on.

Did I just say 'news'?

Obviously I meant opinion because from what I've seen of UK and US based news reporting these days the reporting is opinion rather than fact based.

It makes it very easy for us citizens. We get told a one sided view of what is going on, supposedly why and what our thoughts on it should be..........

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We made the playoffs 2 of the last 3 years.

The Cardinals haven't been to the playoffs in 10 years.

The Cardinals will probably get a lot more media love than us.

Even more sad is, as bad the Cardinals have been, their last playoff victory was more recent than the Cowboys' last playoff victory.

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Wanna know why the national media pounds on the Skins? DAN SNYDER. He is hated and is considered a joke by the national media, and by many fans around the nation. Until our beloved Skins can at least reach an NFC CHAMPIONSHIP game....this will continue, so let's all get used to it.

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