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Will swap 6 200 section for 4 300 or 100


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We welcomed the worlds newest Skins fan in to the world a few weeks back. After the realization that college would bankrupt me, I got to thinking of my other love...my Skins (don't tell me wife I said that.)

With the baby my wife will not be able to make as many games for a few seasons. Which means taking 3 couples for the six tickets may be hard.

I wanted to see if anyone wanted to swap seats. I would give up my 6 tickets in section 228 (2 are in row 9 and 4 are in row 13) and would claim somenoes 4 tickets of equal value. My seats are located visitor corner endzone, undercover unobstructed

Not sure if that interest anyone. I think I paid close to 6600 last year for all 6 tickets.

I am not even sure if the numbers will match up financially. I know many of you are seat gurus and know costs so let me know if a swap like this is even feasible.



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