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Favorite BANG cartoon...


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Earlier today, I was sitting at home, waiting for a phone call to come in for a friend; so instead of reading a book or doing something else worth while, I did what I always tend to do in those situations: I hopped on my computer and surfed the net. There were slim pickings this afternoon, but I came across a link deep within the recesses of my favorites list

BANG'S website.

For all of you who may not know, BANG is one of the many members of our message board and a cartoonist who likes to poke fun at some of the more ridiculious aspects of modern sports, especially the NFL. So, to refresh my memory, I looked through a few of the cartoons in the archives. Soon, I found myself doubled over laughing and in tears.

I know many others on the site are familar with his stuff and anxiously await his new cartoons; so I just wanted to take a poll and see which cartoon they liked the best.

My personal favorites are two fold:

1.) (Not NFL related) The one with the amature tennis player who takes sterioids

2.) (Football related) Two words: NFL Vasectomy.

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Hoedown and Justice Guys are both instant classics.

My buddy at work is a huge Bears fan, from the South Side. A few years ago, he and I laughed so hard at the Cleveland Steamer episode of Justice Guys, we had tears running down our faces. I'll never forget it.

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Well shucks, aren't y'all nice..

It's hot outside, so sit back and watch them all again.

And listen to the radio hour if you haven't. I promise if you enjoy the cartoons, you'll love the podcast.

I did a poll on the site last year, and the overwhelming favorites were

Child's Play

The Bunker




Justice Guys 4

I've got a new one written and prepped about the Raiders' offseason, as soon as I get a few projects cleared I'll make it.


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i like the one where gibbs is trying to defend brunell. brunell miss the the broad side of a barn, the ocean, etc.

That Brunell/Gibbs one is simply great. The Gibbs voice, laugh, and cliches were just hilarious.


Blue Christmas was great too.


Another great one:

-"Going Poston" the Kellen Winslow/Poston Brothers contract negotiations.


- "Coach Deion" Deion Sanders as a coach, teaching his tackling technique.


(This one didn't work for me. Not sure why.)

-"A Jim Fassell Christmas" ala "A Charlie Brown Christmas. Stay with it until the dance scene with the the NFL coaches at the party. Priceless. Cameo by a fumbling Tiki Barber.


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Maybe the only one showing a glimpse of Sean Taylor...

Nah, I did a whole cartoon about him after his gun incident.. had him sing my version "If I Only Had a Brain".

When he died I thought it appropriate to take it down. In it's place in the archive is just a #21 emblem.


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