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Add a caption to this retarded TO picture...(Merged)


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Clinton Portis

...name me one thing Clinton Portis has done that comes any where close to the crap that TO has done. TO was widely regarded as a team cancer for a very long time, calling out his team mates (Garcia, McNabb) and his coaches.

Just because Clinton dressed up for press conferences doesn't mean they're similar...at all.

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How can puke fans like this guy? I mean really...
Clinton Portis
a poke fan tries to change the topic by bringing up a Redskin :rolleyes:

seriously, can't any of you have an original thought? or deal directly with the topic?

How about getting a sense of humor?

geez :doh:

Instead of just adding a caption and having fun with the picture, a question was put out how Dallas fans could like TO after seeing him wearing a woman's hat. Like you shouldn't support a guy who would dress like that (at least in public).

He responded by say Clinton Portis. I would have expanded to say just like skins fans still like CP after he wears outfits more outlandish than this picture.

That would be a fair response to the question at hand. I doubt there is a better example of a player that dresses different than the norm and still seems to be well liked by his fans. Just so happens that most outlandish dresser is a redskin too.

For a guy responding to a question & didn't didn't say anything negative about CP/skins, the response was pretty harsh, particularly for a new member making just his 2nd post.:2cents:

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