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Expect these NFL teams to miss the Playoffs again

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Expect these NFL teams to miss the Playoffs again

By Mike Florio - SportingNews

May 31, 2:56 pm EDT

Given the annual turnover in the 12-team playoff field, I tried last week to make an educated prediction (i.e., wild guess) at which six postseason squads from 2007 will miss the bus in ‘08. The six pegged to be knocked down a peg or two in the coming season are the Pittsburgh Steelers, Tennessee Titans, Washington Redskins, Green Bay Packers, Seattle Seahawks and New York Giants.

So with a half-dozen seats expected to be empty, the next job is to figure out which six non-playoff teams from 2007 will qualify for the Super Bowl tournament. Before that, let’s consider six non-playoff teams from last season that will remain non-playoff teams this time around:

1. New York Jets

The New England Patriots, who typically built their roster carefully and methodically, used an aggressive offseason in 2007 to position the franchise for an undefeated regular season. Jets general manager Mike Tannenbaum previously espoused a build-through-the-draft approach, but he paid out like a broken poker machine in March, giving huge-money deals to more than a few strangers to the franchise.

Though the Patriots’ approach in ‘07 had an overriding sense of precision, the Jets’ offseason moves came off as reckless—almost desperate.

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For the most part I agree with this article. However, I disagree with this part:

Though confidence is a good thing, it needs a strong foundation. The Chiefs don’t have it, and thus the confidence from guys like Edwards and GM Carl Peterson is more accurately described as hubris.

Come January, that hubris could be replaced by unemployment.

I think he's being alittle harsh on the Chiefs. Though they had a bad team last year, they do have some young core players (Derrick Johnson, Tamba Hali, Dwayne Bowe) that they're building off of with a superb draft. Throw in Glenn Dorsey and Brandon Albert if they both pan out to me, that's what a foundation of a rebuilding franchise is supposed to look like.

I don't expect them to be world beaters this year, but don't be surprised for them to improve upon the miserable year they had last year. They apparently really like Brodie Croyle, and if he can actually become a solid starter, then it jumpstarts the progress of that team.

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