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The Big Cover Up Or At Least The Most Recent...


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i was sitting here surfin the nets when i realized i missed something today. i made a thread about father pfleger.... then it hit me.....

i watch various news sources but i admit i watch a lot of fox ..... mostly to keep an eye on the enemy ..... and they are flashy and entertaining...... there are some real personalities on there......

then a story about mcclellen came on and the light bulb went off........

this whole pfleger thing is all over the news and it is just really convenient timing that this has become the biggest news ....... it is totally covering up the mcclellan book fiasco....... and the fact that the whitehouse <according to FOX yesterday am> even made the assertion of the fact that the $75000 mcclellen got for the book was the same as 30 pieces of silver today......... in effect calling HIM a judas

i just cant figure out why last sunday this guy would go to a church that is basically under media surveillence now and make the comments he did knowing full well that it would really hurt obama again.........

is this guy a part of a conspiracy against obama? did billary pay this guy off or did the RNC do it..... is he stupid?..... was he playing the crowd?.......

i really dont know but, it is covering up the real news that someone from the bush administration is squealing like a stuck pig about the things that us LEFTIES, as we are reffered to, have been trying to tell you RIGHTIES for almost 6 years now........

both situations smell of s##t to me.....

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I haven't read the book, but from what I've heard, McClellan has essentially provided no new information.

He asserts that the president led us to war under false pretenses. (Hardly new.)

He asserts that Bush/Cheney hung Scooter Libby out to dry in the Plame case. (Hardly new.)

What else is there? What is the new earth-shattering information that McClellan provided, that so desperately needs to be covered up?

IMO, joeknows, you're into Tinfoilhatsville on this one. Course, maybe if you'd start a fourth thread on the same topic (and third by you) maybe I'd learn to see it differently. ;)

There's no conspiracy against Obama. Geez. When stupid people say stupid things, especially when they're racially motivated (and in what is most likely our next president's church) it IS news. I'm sorry if you don't like that, but it is.

I also find it interesting that you launch into a mini-diatribe against the "enemy" for ignoring McClellan's book, but your rant was inspired by a FOX story on said book. You're reaching -- at best.

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