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Dallas Cowboys, Miller Brewing extend sponsorship deal


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$8 million a year for the right to sell beer and some stadium signage? That's alot of coin, in fact, it's more per year that some team's stadium naming rights deal and I'm not naming any names. I can't imagine what Jerry going to get for the naming rights to the stadium especially if it includes the rumoured media rights as well.


Dallas Cowboys, Miller Brewing extend sponsorship deal

05:16 PM CDT on Tuesday, May 27, 2008

By SUZANNE MARTA / The Dallas Morning News


The Dallas Cowboys announced Tuesday that the team has signed a 12-year agreement to extend its sponsorship deal with Miller Brewing Co. through 2020.

Under the deal, Miller would be the exclusive beer sponsor of the Cowboys and gain sponsorship rights to stadium clubs, beer gardens and VIP areas.

That includes the Miller Lite Champions Plaza – the stadium’s main entrance – and signage in the bowl of the stadium.

The deal includes all of Texas, except for the Houston area, and includes the use of the Cowboy’s team logo and branding for an entertainment area on one of the end-zone platforms.

Financial terms were not disclosed, however a report in Monday’s edition of Sports Business Journal suggested the deal was worth about $8 million a year.

Terry Lefton, an editor-at-large for Sports Business Journal, said the deal could be the largest sponsorship deal outside of stadium naming rights.

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones said the deal shows the team’s ability to attract top-tier sponsors.

“Miller Brewing Company is one of the best sports marketers in the country, continually looking for innovative ways to connect with its consumers,” Mr. Jones said in a press release.

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Actually this is a great deal for Miller, first they pay 8 million a year, they claim it as an advertisement expense against their corporate taxes. Next they raise the cost of the beer to cover the 8 million. This way they get a double hit, the cowboy fans pay for their advertisement cost, and they get the tax advantage. Third and final they keep the compitition out of the stadium.;

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