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Updated:Vai sikahema Knocks out Jose Canseco in first round


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Posted by Josh Alper on May 27, 2008, 12:34 p.m.

When Vai Sikahema returned kicks for the Philadelphia Eagles, he celebrated a touchdown return against the Giants by peppering the goalpost with a flurry of punches. That history should come in handy when he boxes Jose Canseco.

Sikahema answered the baseball player turned author’s open challenge for a fight and the two men will square off on July 12th in Atlantic City in a bout sponsored by Celebrity Boxing Promotions. There’s no TV coverage lined up as yet but, given summer’s historical dearth of original television programs and network executives love of reality shows, that should come in due time.

Sikahema, now a Philly sportscaster, has been in the ring before. This January he beat a local DJ in a similar event. Canseco has no boxing experience but he was accused of knocking around each of his ex-wives. He should also have a pretty big size advantage. Sikahema is 5′9″ and played at 190 pounds while Canseco is 6′4″ and weighs 50 or 60 pounds more. And, if you’re curious, Celebrity Boxing Promotions isn’t a stickler when it comes to doping so I wouldn’t expect any steroid tests for either fighter.

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Vai Sikahema? I thought it was "Celebrity" boxing. Seriously, Vai has no chance here. Canseco is a a Giant... all muscle. Hmmmmm.... I wonder where he got all that muscle?

I gonna say steroids, I mean he did write a book titled "Juiced" where he admits to using. :silly:

I hope Sikahema lands a one ina a million shot on Jose and he falls like the A-hole he is. That dude's a straight up dick. Meet him in person and you'll know what I'm talking about.

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I think you guys are underrating Sikahema's chances here. Canseco claims he has black belts in a couple of martial arts, like Muay Thai, but this is a boxing match. I read somewhere that Sikahema competed in Golden Gloves tournaments when he was younger, so he at least has experience with this sort of thing. The size difference will be a factor, but Canseco could get tired easily, and I would not be shocked if Sikahema won this.

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This is even more one-sided than Giants vs Patriots. More than Jets vs Baltimore Colts. More than USA vs USSR Hockey. What's Vai going to do? Bite off Jose's kneecaps?

I hear he will be training with Mike Tyson so that could be a possibility.:D

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Posted by Mike Florio on July 4, 2008, 9:08 a.m.

Former NFL player and current Philly sports anchor Vai Sikahema has received full medical clearance to enter the squared circle on July 12 for a boxing match against former juiced-up baseball player Jose Canseco.

I’m healthy as a horse,” Sikahema said, presumably not referring to the one that broke its leg on the track at one of the Triple Crown races to which we pay hardly any attention.

Sikahema, at five-nine, 204 pounds, and 45 years of age, is seven inches shorter and 46 pounds lighter than Canseco, 44.

The estimated $5,000 payment to Sikahema for the fight will be donated to the wife of Philly police Sgt. Stephen Liczbinski, who was killed in the line of duty earlier this year.

Canseco is probably hoping for a bigger payday — perhaps something in the neighborhood of $335,236.23.


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I thought I'd post the monetary link mentinoed above:

Jose Canseco's former attorney seeking half-million in overdue legal fees



Thursday, July 3rd 2008, 8:24 PM

Next week Jose Conseco may have a Bash Brother-sized bill to add to his mounting financial woes.

The former major leaguer lost his Encino (Calif.) home to foreclosure earlier this spring, and last month, his former attorney Robert Saunooke filed suit originally seeking $500,000 in overdue legal fees. Canseco fired Saunooke abruptly in April after Saunooke had represented him for over five years.

Saunooke took the next step Tuesday by filing a motion for default and judgment. He is seeking to recoup $335,236.23.

"On a money judgment, if (Canseco or his attorney) don’t file an answer within a certain period of time, they’re in default and they don’t get to raise any defense," Saunooke told the Daily News. "I will now go to a judge (next Thursday) and ask the judge to decide what amount, if any, to pay. I’ll submit the same bills. I’ll follow the law in Florida and elsewhere and try to attach any assets (Canseco) has to satisfy the judgment."

Canseco’s Los Angeles-based attorney Gregory Emerson did not return a call. Canseco is scheduled to do a celebrity boxing match in Atlantic City July 12 where he’ll fight former NFL return man Vai Sikahema.

"You would think with all their pandering, if what I was saying wasn’t correct, somebody would have shown up and said, 'These bills aren’t accurate,’" Saunooke said. "But they are accurate and I’ve given them every opportunity to correct them."

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Canseco is going to crush this guy. He's huge.

Boxing isn't about size. Though, it does help. It is about technique.

Vai fought in a Gold Glove competition. Canseco is into martial arts.

I'd give Vai the edge in BOXING based off experience.

Who knows though. I just find it funny that they are gonna fight in the Atlantic City Surf's stadium. :laugh: :laugh:

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