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Hot Girl Draft Round 2: BigMike619 vs. Spaceman Spiff


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Round 2 will be manager submitted pictures, so long as they've actually sent them. Otherwise, you have to work with what I post for you, and post your supplemental shots in the thread itself. Good luck, gentlemen.

*NOTE: Only member votes are counted, there will be no ninja voting.

Please vote in the poll.

BigMike619's Squad

29 and Under - Michelle Trachtenberg


30 and Over - Alyssa Milano


MILF - Angelina Jolie



Spaceman Spiff's Squad

29 and Under - Alessandra Ambrosio


30 and Over - Emmanuelle Chriqui


MILF - Elle MacPherson


Please vote in the poll.

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Milano vs. Ambrosio.

Basically my two faves against eachother. I have to go with Alyssa Milano (I cannot BELIEVE I'm not taking Alessandra in this one.) I've just always had a big crush on Alyssa and my loyalties are kicking in.

BTW- Elle MacPherson has become a big time cougar to me and Jolie is very pretty but never was my type.

Big Mike gets my vote.

(Wow, I still can't believe I didn't vote Ambrosio. She is actually THE hottest in the whole contest.)

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Should be noted, Spiff did not PM me any pictures, so I had to pick those myself. BigMike attempted to send me his; some of them are on host sites. But there was an effort made on his part.

That is an amazing picture of Ambrosio...she is gorgeous.

I almost had a heart attack and thought you were being complimentary, until I realized you probably meant the one PB posted.:laugh:

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