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An Extremeskin on NPR Part XXXV link now included


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They're going to be airing this afternoon a commenatary I wrote about my birthday, sheetcake, and the third law of thermodynamics. It's kind of cool the way this one came to air. I had some birthday thoughts and wrote them down at 9 last week, read them over once, and then sent it off. By ten, it was bought and I was asked to come down to the station that day. I've never had that quick a response. It was a very cool birthday gift (to my ego)

If any of you get a chance to listen, I'd love to hear your responses. There are three ways you can catch it. Locally in DC, it is on 88.5 FM. You can also catch it at www.wamu.org/programs/mc and about three hours after broadcast, they make it available on the website. I'm in California today, so, that's probably how I'll have to catch it.

The show starts at 1 and mine will be the last bit.

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Hey, I missed it. Did anyone get a chance to catch it? How'd I do?

I expect they replaced it with another story from China. It seems to be all that's on NPR at the moment. Driving home this evening it was a feature on the winner of their version of American Idol. :doh:

Given less than zero percent of NPR's audience give a **** about American Idol, what makes them think Chinese Idol is of interest? Sometimes NPR is a parody of itself.

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