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Hot Girl Draft Round 1: TheREALJBird vs. Hero21


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Please vote in the poll. Who wins this matchup?

Note: I have selected one photo for each team member. I am trending towards the classier, dressed up photos. The managers of each team are encouraged to submit more pictures of their team members, as many as they feel necesasary to help make their case. Please do not submit pictures of any other celebrity/model, and do not hijack the threads. Thank you.

TheREALJBird's Squad

29 and Under - Rachel Bilson


30 and Over - Kelly Carlson


MILF - Isla Fisher



Hero21's Squad

29 and Under - Jessica Alba


30 and Over - Kelly Hu


MILF - Reese Witherspoon


Please vote in the poll.

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I don't understand how JBird is losing this one so badly.

I think Bilson is way more sweetheartish and cute than Alba. In fact, I don't understand the whole Alba frenzy at all, but then again, I'm a chick, so whatever. I mean, she's cute and she has a wonderful body, but I just don't think her face is especially beautiful. That's why I definitely go for Bilson over Alba.

Hu and Carlson are a good matchup...although I'm probably biased toward Carlson b/c I'm a Nip/Tuck fan.

Finally, my dog with a brown paper bag over his head is cuter than Reese Witherspoon. Seriously, we could have photoshopped a picture of my dog in Isla Fischer's place and I'd still vote for his shaved butt over Reese's chin.

Now that I've insulted 2 highly successful and beautiful women (just not beautiful enough to match up with other beautiful women IMO), I think I need to end my post...:movefast:

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I would literally leave my wife for Reese Witherspoon. She is the most beautiful woman I have ever seen in my entire life. You could pair her up with Roseanne and Janet Reno and I would still vote for her. Flat out breathtaking.

Kelly Carlson is muy jugoso though.

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