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Armed Forces Day


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Sometimes it's easy to forget while we're sitting on our ass, pissin' and moanin', that men and women of our Armed Forces are all over the world, away from their families, making it possible for us to sit on our ass, pissin' and moanin'. As they always have been.

Just a thank you to all who have, are, and will be, making the necessary sacrifices to keep our nation strong and free. Despite what some would try to have us think, our military is the class of the world. Both in it's ability to fight, and in the honorable way in which they serve.

damn, i didnt realize it was yesterday... hell over here everyday is holiday, every meal a banquet, every paycheck a fortune! okay, not really! thanks for the love!!! :D

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God Bless the US Military

God Bless those that use this tool of State Wisely

We finally agree on something. Although, re: the second sentence: in the words of Rev. Wright, God DAMN George W. Bush.
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