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Playstation 3 w/ GTA IV and Gran Turismo 5: Prologue

Toe Jam

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I've only had it for about a month. I'll throw in the Blu-Ray remote and an extra PS3 controller. It's the 40 GB version.

Looking for about $375. PayPal only. Shipping is free.

PM me if you are seriously interested. Still has the box and everything. You can have the HDMI cable too if you want it.

I'm selling it to make room for my shiny new Xbox 360 and Wii.:)

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Xbox 360, good luck man.

Had mine a year and 3 days, **** died, called Microsoft up, said they'd send the box to repair it, 3 weeks went by no box, called again got it, they fixed it, graphics started screwing up 2 weeks later, called again, said they'd send a box, 2 weeks went by, no box, called up and they said they sent it again.....awaiting the box now.

Should have stuck with the PS3 bro!

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My xbox 360 elite **** the bed 3 weeks ago and I just got my system back from repairs yesterday. You probably didn't register your system properly if it is taking weeks to get the box. I recieved my shipping box 4 days after I made the call. I have a PS3, XBOX 360, and a Wii....I would have to say that the 360 is by far my favorite console. I like to play online and the PS3 and Wii are light years behind microsoft's online service. Also, the selection of games are much better on the 360...If you haven't played Gears of War, you are really missing out.

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