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Redskins 2008 Draft Grades


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I know I wanted a lot more OL out of this draft, and I don't understand the Fred Davis pick when we have Cooley, Yoder and last year's TE draft pick returning. Having said that, even with the learning curve the new WR's have (so don't expect immediate starts) it's about time we had some offensive firepower added. We got a decent CB, although green, and even if I don't understand the TE pick, Fred Davis, after his learning curve also, may turn out to be the the highest quality depth at a position we have. (Think Don Warren and Clint Didier for the other old forts out here)

The pick of Chad Rinehart is a step in the right direction in upgrading the OL and, like all quality OL (those drafted in the 3rd round or higher) should be around for at least 8 years if the FO keeps his contract in line with his performance, which I expect to be be very good, if not stellar. We overcame the small school bias the NFL has in this pickup. He may very well be considered the steal of this year's draft in the upcoming years. Even though he is a 3rd round pick, I expect to see him get playing time early this year, if not from injury to Thomas or Fabini, then to win out just by better performance than our current guard depth.

We even got the best punter in the draft. We got the best TE in the draft. And, we got two of the best three WR's in the draft. And we did it all without having to spend first round money. I can only think in superlatives. If we had 32 first round picks, I know we could have done better, but with the picks we had, I can only say I feel that we did something right this year.

As someone who has said bad things about Vinny and Dan Snyder in the past, I would like to say how happy I am that we did not get Ocho Cinqo and how glad I am we went with the draft. Good choices.

Well said. I too used to be a Vinny and Danny basher, but no more. Good job guys!:applause:

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Since everyone is agreeing that skins had one of the best drafts in the league this year, i wanted to know when did we have a better draft? could this be skins' best draft ever?

I don't think so.


1. Mark May, T, Pittsburgh

2. (Traded to get Joe Washington)

3. Russ Grimm, G, Pittsburgh

4. Tom Flick, QB, Washington

5. Dexter Manley, DE, Oklahoma St.

6. Larry Kubin, LB, Penn St.

8. Charlie Brown, WR, South Carolina St.

9. Darryl Grant, G, Rice

10. Phil Kessel, QB, Northern Michigan

10. Allan Kennedy, T, Washington St.

11. Jerry Hill, WR, Northern Alabama

12. Clint Didier, WR, Portland St.

Plus we picked up Joe Jacoby as UDFA

:helmet: The Rook

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The same people who wanted a pass rushing DE in '06 and were damning the team, are now whining we should have picked up Calais in the 2nd. A DE whose stock fell far or the best TE in the draft? Help an already top 10 D, or help an O which was ineffective in the redzone? Hmmm... Tough one. Not really.

Or it could be that we don't tow the company line and buy into the crap the team sells us:

"There's no pass rushers available to draft early for the last 11 years".

Yeah, whatever..... :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:

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