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another reason to beat your kids.


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i've seen this episode. this show makes me sick. but it's kind of like watching a train wreck. i can't look away. this girl made me wanna kill someone. She could always trade her lexus with me. my invisible car is sweeeet.

oh, and p.s. she still has her stupid party. and get's a car. i think she might even have gotten a nicer one.

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Because I need a reason why?

Seriously though that is what is wrong with this ****ing country. These are the kids who go to the best private schools and have giant ****ing trust funds waiting for them.

Stupid rich people making me ramble stupid rich snobby ****...

The good thing is, these are the people we get to vote for in twenty years. :)

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Loser ass parents living vicariously through their souless daughter.

Or, brilliant child who gets daily gifts, has no chores, and parents are wrapped around her finger?

Life is all about perspective, WVU. :D

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