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Duke of Westminster also a regular of prostitution ring in Spitzer scandal


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Richest man in England also a regular of prostitution ring in Spitzer scandal



Updated Wednesday, March 12th 2008, 12:22 PM

The richest man in Great Britain was a customer of the same high-end prostitution service patronized by Gov. Spitzer.

The Duke of Westminster, listed as the world's 46th richest person by Forbes magazine, hired four hookers over a six-week stretch in late 2006 and early last year, the News of the World reported last year.

Despite his incredible wealth, multi-billionaire Gerald Cavendish Grosvenor haggled with one of the Emperors Club girls for the cost of their date, according to the report.

Prostitute Zana Brazdek, then 26, described the 56-year-old Grosvenor as dull and demanding.


"I thought his conversation was quite boring," the Lithuanian woman told the newspaper. "He talked about the Army, going to Afghanistan and bin Laden. And he wanted unprotected sex. I refused."

The court documents that took down Spitzer and identified the disgraced governor at "Client 9" also included information on nine other men who hired hookers from the sex ring.

The documents did not name any of the men, but the papers noted that "Client 6" enjoyed a romp with a hooker named "Astrid" in London. "Client 6" then called the Emperors Club to inquire about another girl for a follow-up session, the papers said.

The British reports about Grosvenor said the duke's prostitutes were young enough to be his daughters. They also had an international flair: In addition to the pair from the former Soviet Union, Grosvenor entertained an Asian woman in knee-high boots and a Brazilian.

The hookers included a Russian who went by the name of Stella. She told reporters that her clients preferred whips and stiletto heels.

"At six o'clock," she said in a thick Russian accent, "I stop to be a good girl."

Like Spitzer, Grosvenor is married - and he has four children with wife Natalia. The duke had close ties to the royal family and is one of Prince Charles' best friends. Grosvenor also is Prince William's godfather.

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