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suspects burned clothes in taylor shooting


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so let me get this straight. these thugs illegally break into a man's home, brandishing firearms, shoot the owner, and burn their clothes...but yet because they wanted to steal makes this an unpremeditated crime??

^^^none of that logic makes sense to me. these guys should get the chair!

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Since Nov. 27, Id be lying if I said I havent thought about harming these guys while Im wearing my 21 jersey. I never wanted someone dead more than those guys.

The sad part is they probably think their "So fly!" or "A gangsta!!!" becuase they killed a pro football player.

Burn in hell.

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Seriously, I know Sean's death has been really hard on us, but for me this just opened my eyes to the stuff that happens everyday in this 'wonderful world'. So when we see that 60 people are killed in a suicide bombing over in Iraq we just shrug it off? True Sean Taylor was my favorite player and also my idol but things like this happen everyday and evrywhere and we don't feel this passionate about it.

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This is absolutely frustrating, that people have such a disregard and disrespect for human life.... It pains me to think that Taylor is gone, but it pains me even more that this sort of thing happens every day. Then these kids have such a small consience that they tried to cover it up? Are you serious?

It's rather sickening and my heart goes out to everyone who has lost someone at the hands of another.

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Here's another article on the issue:


Taylor Suspect Statements Released

By CURT ANDERSON – 6 hours ago

MIAMI (AP) — The alleged shooter in the murder of Washington Redskins star Sean Taylor told police he and the other suspects burned their clothes in an attempt to cover up the crime.

The statement by 17-year-old Eric Rivera Jr. and those by two other suspects were released Wednesday by state prosecutors at the request of The Associated Press and other news outlets. All three statements are heavily redacted on a judge's orders, and do not contain outright confessions to the crime.

But there are hints throughout of what happened and what led up to the Nov. 26 shooting, which authorities say took place in a botched robbery attempt at Taylor's Miami home. Taylor, an All-Pro safety for the Redskins, died the next day from heavy blood loss.

Rivera, like the other suspects from the Fort Myers area, told detectives there were five people on the trip that night, although only four are charged. All five burned their shirts, gloves and other clothes after returning home following Taylor's shooting, he said.

"And why did you guys do this?" asked Miami-Dade police Det. Juan Segovia.

"Nobody can find out who did it," Rivera replied.

Another suspect, 20-year-old Jason Scott Mitchell, said he thought about coming forward when he found out it was Taylor who had been shot. Mitchell said he was told the day after the shooting by another suspect, Charles Wardlow.

"It's like when I found out who it was, it's like, I mean, I just felt like turning myself in," Mitchell told police. But he did not, and added he wasn't sure why.

Mitchell's statement also provides new details on a birthday party he attended in September at Taylor's home. Mitchell said he stayed at the house for several days, helping Taylor cut the grass and make other preparations for the party — tasks for which he was paid $300 in $50 bills by Taylor.

The party was for Sasha Johnson, who was Taylor's sister and who was dating suspect Wardlow's nephew Christopher, Mitchell said. He said Taylor gave Johnson $10,000 in a paper bag as a birthday present, and that he saw other large sums of money in the house.

Mitchell also said he thought Taylor would be with the Redskins, who played a game that weekend in Tampa, even though he was out with a knee injury. And, he said, the group almost ran out of gas on the way back to Fort Myers but managed to scrape together $2 in change to make it home.

The third statement released Wednesday was from Venjah Hunte, 20, but it provided almost no new details. Hunte's attorney has said his client never went inside Taylor's house and did not take part in the crime.

No statement was released from Charles Wardlow, the fourth suspect.

Defense attorneys and prosecutors are barred from discussing the case with news media under a gag order issued by Miami-Dade County Circuit Judge Dennis Murphy. All four defendants have pleaded not guilty.

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It's funny because if this was some normal joe who got killed no one would care.

But since he's a football player they should get extra punishment.....I though all people were equal.


I hate it when people say stuff like this.

Everyone who knows the person that dies in a situation like this has the reaction that we're having. He was known by millions, so THAT is why everyone cares.

If you think that "nobody would care" if it happened to a non-celebrity, then you've never known a family who has lost someone to a murder.

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Maybe just in case?

They're lucky they did. Oh man Taylor would've torn them apart! :mad:

Yeah, but we are talking about intent here. They probably knew the GF & baby stayed there from the one guy being a lawn boy. So they were forcing entry to get to her? Bedrooms don't lock from the outside.
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