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The Burning Unicorn Tear ( Chronicles (pt.I)

One Shot

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A missile. On it, silence.

Hanging from it is a family of frogs, latched onto eachother like monkeys in a jar, swiping their faces with their sleak, slimey tongues.

The father calls down the the littlest frog, who drags along the clouds, making sure he's ok.

They was been there at the initiation. This little family of frogs had gathered to watch the big bang, after all, not only humans were attracted to such events. Little did they know that their home was directly on the site, and then in an hours time, they'd be on their way to Iran.

In the atmosphere they found a new world. These high speeds created a sense of Moksa for the frogs, and they were beside themselves. They befriended their enemies. Frogs and Toads came together like the brothers they were, and storks welcomed frogs into their home.

From a distance stood the Unicorn. Gracefully, he galloped towards this new monument of affection. Alas, he cried.

And as those tears dropped, fire ignited itself within the drop. Searing through the air, piercing the atoms, the drop fell in a way such that it would create slices in the air. Pull them apart and you'd enter another dimension.

The tear hits its target and creates a loud catastrophe. The frogs were back in the air. Earth, Air, Water, Destruction. Unicorn Tears.

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