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Where is the big tradde


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I found the big 03/11 swap.

Bucs To Swap DE's Greg White And Gaines Adams

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are planning to move second-year defensive end Greg White from the right to left side on the defensive line, because the organization wants Gaines Adams to line up exclusively on the right side in 2008, according to the Sporting News. White started only two games in 2007, but notched eight sacks in his rookie campaign, while Adams posted six sacks in eight starts.

Source: Sporting News

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lol sorry for the double d's.....lol ok let me rephrase that. sorry for the misspelling of trade in the topic

Apology not accepted. No rephraising allowed.:mad:

We are forever embarrased and ashamed of your post. Further, your considering this a "laughing" matter is an afront to all that this board stands for.

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