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examiner.com: Mr. Buffett, please buy the Redskins (M.E.T. & Merged)


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That link sucks...and if that is the same column from yesterday's Examiner, I read it on the Metro yesterday morning.

To me he sounds like he whining because we aren't out blowing money on free agents, which is garbage. He should be grateful that we're taking a thrifty approach.

*Edit I read today's column this morning, decent but whatever

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I think its a two way street between the team and the media.

I think both act childish more times than not.

Then the Skins tried to take their ball and go home but becoming the source for "unfiltered" Skins news. But, usually their website is rarely the 1st to post new news.

So, the real losers are the fans who just want the truth.

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Buffet's business model in terms of personnel would work in the NFL. He believes in hiring the people with the best track record for consistent success and then gets out of the way. That's what he did at Geico and General Re.

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I searched and could not find, so here you go.

This was posted before, but yeah the search function never works for me either.

I hear that all the time on here, but the Search feature always works for me (I always go to Advanced). The problem with the other Thread is that it was poorly titled (no offense to the OP).


It would be interesting to know why Buffet didn't make a play when the team was up for sale.



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This isn't even a story. If you actually watched the snippet this came from they had asked Buffett if he'd own a sports team. He said he'd own a team if he were in a big city and that city had a team. He also mentioned that he was originally from the DC area & if he was living here, he'd probably would have bought the Redskins.

Again, here's Buffett's quote:

“If I lived in a big city that had a top team, I’d want to buy it there,” he said. “I own a quarter of the Omaha Royals ... but I grew up in Washington, D.C. My dream might have been to buy the Washington Redskins, although they were playing baseball [the Senators were the city’s top team during the 1940s, while the Redskins played second fiddle].

There's really no news here as Buffett's comments seem to be taken out of context a bit by a media member that just blindly hates Snyder's ownership of the Redskins.

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