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Draft Picks Under Snyder's Ownership - Where Are They Now?


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2007 - Gibbs

1. Landry, LaRon, S, LSU

5. Sartz, Dallas, LB, USC

6. Blades, H.B., LB, Pittsburgh

6. Palmer, Jordan, QB, UTEP BENGALS

7. Ecker, Tyler*, TE, Michigan

2006 - Gibbs

2. McIntosh, Rocky*, LB, Miami

5. Montgomery, Anthony, DT, Minnesota

6. Doughty, Reed, S, Northern Colorado

6. Golston, Kedric, DT, Georgia

7. Lefotu, Kili, OL, Arizona

7. Simon, Kevin, LB, Tennessee OUT OF LEAGUE

2005 - Gibbs

1. Rogers, Carlos*, CB, Auburn

1. Campbell, Jason, QB, Auburn

4. White, Manuel, RB, UCLA OUT OF LEAGUE

5. McCune, Robert, LB, Louisville RAVENS

6. Newberry, Jared, LB, Stanford OUT OF LEAGUE

7. Broughton, Nehemiah*, RB, The Citadel

2004 - Gibbs

1. Taylor, Sean, S, Miami (Fla.) R.I.P.

3. Cooley, Chris, TE, Utah State

5. Wilson, Mark, OL, California RAIDERS

6. Molinaro, Jim, OL, Notre Dame COWBOYS

2003 - Spurrier

2. Jacobs, Taylor, WR, Florida BRONCOS

3. Dockery, Derrick, G, Texas BILLS

7. Hamdan, Gibran, QB, Indiana BILLS

2002 - Spurrier

1. Ramsey, Patrick, QB, Tulane BRONCOS

2. Betts, Ladell, RB, Iowa

3. Bauman, Rashad, CB, Oregon OUT OF LEAGUE

3. Russell, Cliff, WR, Utah LIONS

5. Lott, Andre, S, Tennessee OUT OF LEAGUE

5. Royal, Robert, TE, LSU BILLS

6. Coleman, Reggie, T, Tennessee OUT OF LEAGUE


7. Scott, Greg, DE, Hampton OUT OF LEAGUE

7. Cartwright, Rock, FB, Kansas St.

2001 - Marty

1. Gardner, Rod, WR, Clemson OUT OF LEAGUE

2. Smoot, Fred, CB, Mississippi St.

4. Rosenfels, Sage, QB, Iowa St. TEXANS

5. McCants, Darnerien, WR, Delaware St. OUT OF LEAGUE

6. Monds, Mario, DT, Cincinnati OUT OF LEAGUE

2000 - Norv

1. Arrington, LaVar, LB, Penn St. OUT OF LEAGUE

1. Samuels, Chris, T, Alabama

3. Harrison, Lloyd, CB, N.C. State OUT OF LEAGUE

4. Michael Moore, G, Troy St.

5. Quincy Sanders, S, UNLV

6. Husak, Todd, QB, Stanford OUT OF LEAGUE

7. Del Cowsette, DT, Maryland

7. Ethan Howell, WR, Oklahoma St.

* Ended season on IR.

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Wow, that is an eye opening list. Some of the guys I thought were out of the league are still plugging along. Gibran Hamdan?

Some of the other guys I look at and think :doh:. And still others, I look at and say 'atta guy', like Rock. But there are more :doh:'s than 'atta guy's' :silly:

Thanks for putting this together :cheers:

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Looks like spurrier really screwed us there but it does look like we are getting alot better.

Marty(Vinny-less year) wasn't that hot either. And the first two years, Gibbs wasn't exactly cookin' with Crisco either.

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Gibran Hamdan?

I know. I thought for sure that Ham Sammich was out of the League. Although I think he did go to NFL Eruope for a year or two. He could be a F.A. now though. Not really sure.

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Looks like it depends on the coach to me, we did pretty damn good with the draft when Gibbs was here considering the picks that we traded away.

Still heartbreaking to click on Sean Taylor's name and see the word "deceased" next to his picture of nfl.com.:(

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the real question is, how does this compare to other teams?

Such as, the other teams in our division...or just a random sample of 5 or so teams.

I'd be interested to see if they all more or less have similar patterns. I know the Spurrier years were a waste of time and money as far as the FO is considered but I would think that compared to other teams it wouldn't seem as bad.

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