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Free Pc Games?


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If you like RPGs like Diablo I would recommend the game "Mythos" which is set up like (and in a lot of instances rips off) Diablo 2.

The game is 100% free, though it is unfortunatly still in beta testing and you can only get the game if you get an invite. I got one from a friend of mine, but I think only select people can give them out, I'm not sure really.

The website is http://www.mythos.com/

The beta testing shouldn't take more than a few months longer. A lot of the problems with the game have been sorted out already...one nice thing if you have a sub-par computer is the fact that the graphics are around the crapiness of something like WoW so there shouldn't be high requirements...I play FPS games and have an 8800 GTX which is sorta overkill x 1000.

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