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Poor users with Lloyd-based names ... howsa bout a new name 4 U?


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As far as Brandon Lloyd's departure goes, I can't say I'll miss him. Now that he's gone there will be room for a WR with a better atttitude and work ethic ... not to mention production.

But, I am very concerned for some of our dear Extreme Skins brethren whose user name is Brandon Lloyd based.

What will become of Brandon Lloyd Christmas, Lloyd's Mongoloian Beef, and others?

Will they suffer an identity crisis with their namesake off the scene? Will they be *gasp* teased and humiliated by their peers? Will they be emotionally scarred for life?

We certainly hope not!

In the spirit of helping these poor souls avert a crisis of identity, I have composed a list of alternative usernames that employ our current WR's. Perhaps one of these names might be suitable.....

How about "Carlos Santana Moss" ?

or "Thrash Them 'Boys"

or "Espy off the Balcony" .... sound it out .... you'll get it .... :laugh:

or "Antwaan-abe A Rock Star"

or "Maurice Mann-Crush" ... icky ....

You could even pick a name that goes with my personal favorite for a WR in the Draft .... How about "James Hardy's ThickBurger" ?

Oh! And my personal favorite ... "Anthony Mix Nuts" .... well, maybe not ...

My dear fellow ES users, do you have any suggestions for these poor souls who have been robbed of their namesake?

I look forward to reading what you can come up with!

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lloyds mongolian bbq?

Is that a name suggestion, or a question?

Lloyd's Mongolian Beef is a pretty unforgettable user name. Not because of the name itself, but because of the dude's signature. It features a very "gifted" young lady in a video clip ....

How's a dude supposed to keep his thoughts pure with that around??

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You can have your username changed through a mod.

I know if I were those two I'd have it changed. :laugh:

Got any suggestions for a change?

We could always suggest some names not related to WR's ....

How about "Rock the Cart Right"

or "Jansen in the Dark" [ie, "Dancin in the Dark"]

or here's a good one .... How about "Somebody Smooted" ?

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I hate the offseason

Are you kidding me? This is when we do our most exciting work. (Notice I did not say our best work.) Every off-season fills a 'skins fan's heart with promise and hope. Everyday is Wednesday on the Mickey Mouse Club. (Which for the younger guys out there was "Anything Can Happen Day").

As for what will happen to the folks with Lloyd-based names on the site, well unfortunately they can't send their names to Goodwill to hang out with my Michael Westbrook jersey, where it could do someone some good. No, they'll need understanding from the rest of us while they deal with their loss.

Denial: No, they'd never cut Brandon!:confused:

Anger: How could they do this to me and cut Brandon!:tantrum:

Acceptance: Guess I'll be Riggo 50000 from now on.:cheers:

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I believe Brandon Lloyd Christmas explained his handle as being an analogous juxtaposition of two names, our receiver and Lloyd Christmas (the Jim Carrey character in Dumb and Dumber).


How the mind’s eye sees BLC.


YES! I caught that ... I watched Dumb and Dumber WAY too many times as a teenager.

Do you happen to know how Lloyd's Mongolian Beef came up with his username? ... I'm actually a little afraid to know ...

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this is why I would never use a player for my username or I would be something like "Tayl0rPr0B0wlJac0b$"

Instead you use the Sports Junkies, but what are you going to do with those guys are finally off the air, which in my book should have been a long time ago.

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This is precisely why my username is personal to me, and not based on anyone else's name, or IP. That way I don't have to worry about changing my name that often.

Remember, April 15th is Vere...Tax Day?

J/K. Don't know the reason behind your name, but it's short and easy to remember. Hey as long as it works for you, why should anyone care?

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