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WR we should draft?


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I really like Maurice Purify. He seems like an under the radar type pick (round 3-5 maybe?) and reminds me a bit of Marques Colston. He has some character issues and needs to work on his route running but he is a very capable reciever.

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In no particular order, just depending on who is going to be available:

James Hardy, DJ Hall, Malcolm Kelly,

(video) and there

Jordy Nelson because he won't cost a first round pick. He was originally projected as a mid round pick but I think he'll go higher. I hope the Skins pick him up with their 3rd round pick. He's not a deep threat but runs good routes and has soft hands. Very productive in college and was the go-to guy for Kansas State (120+ receptions his senior year). He might not have the overall talent of the first round WRs that have been discussed but I think he would be a great complement to Moss and Randel El.

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uhh dude said 3rd - 5th duh huh

see the link under my sig;)

Well then you will note the 3rd and 5th for Lloyd I mentioned. The point isn't that I don't want to spend a 1st for a WR.

At some point, when considering team needs, the discussion has to get away from WRs, LBs, and DBs. The team has dumped resources into these positions over and over again without much to show for it.

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You guys are all wrong, Adarius Bowman is the man for the job if we can steal him in the 2nd round, he's got the mold of Calvin Johnson.


Bowman is not in the same league as Calvin Johnson as a prospect. He apparently didn't look very good at the combine or the Senior Bowl (dropping passes, etc). Bowman is athletic but he isn't a freak of nature like CJ. CJ was 6'5 and 237 lbs and ran a freakin' 4.35 40 with a 42 inch vertical to boot. That is simply sick. Bowman could perhaps be a decent pick up but not until the 3rd round. His stock has been going down for months.

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