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This is why people think MySpace is ghey.


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Because no-one in real life acts like they do on MySpace.

If they did, you would see a guy walk up to a hot chick in bar, and hear this :

Guy : Hey, will you be my friend ?

Girl : Sure, thanks for adding me as a friend !

Guy : Just tryin to show sum Luv !

Girl : Will you take a survey and pass it on to all your friends ?

Guy : Sure !

Girl : Cool. What color socks did you wear yesterday ?

Guy : Purple.

Girl : Why aren't I one of your top 5 friends ?

Guy : Because you don't have any pictures showin off your boobs.

Girl : Ok, I'll take some new pictures of me and show them to all these strangers

Guy : Cool.

Girl : Okay, I just took some pictures of me, will someone comment on them ?

Guy : Hey, your friend Naomi is hot. Can she be my friend, too ?

Girl : I SAID, I just took some new pictures of me, COMMENT ON THEM NOW !

Guy : I'll comment on them, if I can be friends with your friend Naomi, and if you make me one of your top 5 friends.

Girl : Great, but you HAVE to write me a message today, saying "Happy Tuesday" with glitter all over it !!

Guy : Happy Tuesday, with glitter all over it !!

Girl : I don't like you. You're not ghetto enough for my group of friends.

Guy : But I be pimpin you beyotch !

Girl : I'm changing my mood indicator to sad. So now I'm taking you off my list of Top Friends.

Guy : Don't do that, how about if I give you a picture of a sexy, muscular fireman, half naked !

Girl : Cool, but if you dont pass it around to all my friends, you will have bad luck for 10 days, and lose the love of your life.

Guy : Sorry, I can't talk to you right now, I'm asking all your hot friends, if they will be my friends, too ! After all, I've only had comments from you, and I need more comments from more friends !!


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There is definitely more anti-myspace sentiment around younger kids who grew up with that in high school and college as the norm. That's pretty understandable. As for people my age or older, those sites didn't become popular until my last year in college or even after I had already graduated. I think it's a great way to catch up with old friends I haven't seen or talked to since I was 18.

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I think it's a great way to catch up with old friends I haven't seen or talked to since I was 18.

That's the thing - these sites do serve a purpose and have gotten an unfortunately bad reputation. I check mine every so often (though I don't update my home page) to check on a few bands I like.

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i should get a prize for not having a facebook or a myspace and being in highschool. HOw do i do it you may ask. Well to begin, if i want to talk to one of my friends, i call them, or possibley text message them. I know this may sound complicated to you facebook/myspace users but it often works better then leaving a message on someones wall and waiting hours maybe even days for a simple response.

I will admit that i will get one when i go off to college, to keep in touch with old friends. I do think facebook is useful for that.

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Facebook is getting worse with these stupid applications but it is still better than Myspace. Thank god you can't make your own backgrounds etc. And I've never seen a convo. like that on Facebook + the groups on Facebook have people who actually want to talk intellectually.

I believe there is a way you can block those app. invites from being sent to you. I don't know how though.

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