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Javon Walker Campaign....(merged)


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I wonder if he'll ever get the mental aspect of the game back after having his friend and teammate gunned down in his lap...

I think that, combined with his injury history are enough to to hope we stay away...

If he were 100% healthy mentally and physically I'd say go for it. But I wouldn't hinge my season on him at this point...

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I'll definatly pass on him.

I believe he will be 30 next year. He also quit on the Broncos, saying "The Broncos are not for me." http://www.denverpost.com/broncos/ci_7850208

He also left Green Bay on a trade after he threatened to retire if not dealt.


7 catches in the last 5 games, nagging knee problems, can't stay on a football team.

Nah. Let him leech off a different team.

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Why are players like Chad Johnson considered me-first Cancers, but banged-up players who have had a record of demanding or suggesting a change of scenery are considered good causes.

End Zone celebrations don't determine cancers. Neither does helping your team mates achieve their best.

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According to John Clayton, it looks as if Javon Walker will most likely be released by the Denver Broncos. Walker is 6 foot 3 and well versed in WCO with time in Green Bay and Denver...he has the size and speed we have been looking for and wouldn't cost any draft picks. He might be a little costly but not more than some of the other free agents out their. But probably not too much considering he has been bumped out of Denver by Brandon Marshall. I would love to see him in a Redskins uniform. He is younger than CJ at 29 and in 2006 had 69 catches and over a 1000 yards receiving...not to mention 8 touchdowns. Also he went through tragedy with the death of his teammate as well and would understand what the team went through last year. What does everyone else think??


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