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Jesus vs. Horus


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You sure about that? In Genesis 1:26, God says "let us make man in our image" but in the very next verse it says "and God created man in His image." If you are right, why isn't there a consistent use of the plural? The multiple God idea only works if you ignore the very next verse.

Christians say this references the Trinity. I don't buy that either. At least, I don't buy that Israel lived with the tension for thousands of years without some other explanation.

We have another example of God using the plural in Isaiah 6 where he is clearly reference angles. "Whom shall I send? And who will go for us?" So my thought is, ancient Israel would read Genesis 1:26 and say "There God goes again, including the angles when he uses the word us."

Don't you think that makes the most sense? Surely its not as scandalous as the polytheistic idea and not as poetic as the trinitarian idea, but it is the theory that accounts for the all the problems.

Sometimes the right answer is the most boring one.

Absolutely the most likely scenario on this quote and I should have included that in my post, Mardi.

I will say though that "boring" can be subjective. I'd find it more "mundane" or "easily explainable" if this god and it's angels as our species saw them were actually a leader and his/her people that travelled here from somewhere we can one day reach through our own technology than from a magical place of clouds and light. Humans can enter space now. Is it so hard to believe that our creator(s) could do it thousands or hundreds of thousands of years ago?

As for the "creation" part, humans now have the ability to control/manipulate the genome. It didn't take us long. If one were to find an ancient eastern or asian depiction of the Tree of Life, they'd be hard pressed to deny it looked like a DNA strand. Even more-so for the ancient medical symbol "caduceus," which is multi-cultured. The entwined snakes (DNA) with the wings (travel, flying) at the top. I make these leaps (and I know they are big leaps) though w/o giving enough to my posts to really try convincing anyone and I apologize for my laziness. It's just that I'm aware that I'm not smart enough and don't have enough time to take on the Tailgate, trading links and insults. All just food for thought or seed for research if one cares to at least have some fun with the idea.

(Highjack thread. Check.)

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