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BBC: Brazil film wins top Berlin prize (Just watched it, AMAZING)


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My girlfriend is Brazilian and we were able to get a copy (with subtitles) of this film on DVD. Amazing. If any of you liked "City of God" this one is even better. Ruthless stuff here. And stuff for everyone. I think Sarge and MSF would get a hard-on watching this movie. Plenty of action, plenty of violence, plenty of thinking. Great, great stuff. I know this thread will receive zero play but I just wanted to put it out there. You can find it on the internets (for you bittorrent people). Tropa De Elite.


Golden Bear for 'corruption' film

Director Jose Padilha collected the Golden Bear in Berlin

The Elite Squad, a violent tale of corrupt drug-squad officers in Brazil, has won the Golden Bear, the top prize at the annual Berlin Film Festival.

It had created unprecedented interest upon its release in Brazil, because of its portrayal of a police force willing to torture and kill unarmed suspects.

Producer Marcos Prado said the award "gives us the strength to go forward".

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