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I need to talk to you guys, I need advice really badly ...


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Learn to drink the RIGHT way. Drink until you get a buzz, then maintain it. Get to the point where you feel good and slow your pace until you feel your buzz fading and then get another drink. When you drink, and drink, and drink, at a crazy pace and then this happens again, you will have truly NOT learned your lesson.

If you don't have enough self control to follow my advice, stick to beer and lay off the hard liquor. If this is happening on beer alone, eat more and lift weights to get bigger. Hopefully that helps.

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People do stupid **** when they drink but that's what alcohol is supposed to do, why do you think shy people are so much more social when they drink? People are more impulsive because of the prefrontal cortex being affected by alcohol, and my nerdiness is out in full force. Not knowing your limits is what gets you in trouble and that's happened to me before.

One thing you learn is how to pick your shots. After graduating, I can pick my shots again and not have to worry about being in a bad spot because I am choosing my spots instead of following people into those spots. Eventually, you learn that you don't have to do those things that get you in trouble. It's about the choices you make. A football comparison would be throwing the ball away instead of throwing into triple coverage.

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I wouldn't quit drinking all together because of this incident. It sounds like at your age, you just can't handle your liquor. When you are in social situations like this, it's probably best to avoid alcohal completely or let your friends know you're a bit of a donkey when you drink and they need to keep an eye on you.

I'm 25 and I have many years of highschool and college binge drinking behind me. Hell, some of the best times I've had were under the influence of alcohal, I'm not going to lie to you. Some of the best sex I've had has been while drunk....and some of the worst. The pendulum swings both ways my friend.

I wouldn't stress out too much about this incident. Bottom line is you had too much to drink and made an ass of yourself. Learn from your mistake. When you drink too much you jepordize friendships and act like a jackass...it happens. Take a few weeks or months off drinking and lay low. Appologize to everyone tell them you barely remember what happened, and you feel terrible about it.

You're not even 21 yet. You've got two ways to go. Learn from this mistake and control your alcohal intake. If you can't do this then you need to stop drinking. It's not as bad as it seems at the moment, you're only 20. But remember how bad this feels and every time you pick up a drink think about how many you've had and how many it took to get to the point of groping that girl. Know your limits.

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Lets see, by the time I was 19, blacked out, check. wrecked a car, check. woke up in the drunk tank, check. left a good job on a whim, check. Now I cant say that I ever experienced what you have gone through but the greatest advice I got was from my dad after bailing me out one time. I was hungover and he told me about his brother, an uncle I never got to know. He was killed by a drunk driver in 1942, on his way to the church, to get married. His point was that the implications of alcohol CAN affect other people. Thankfully I never hurt anyone but myself when I got drunk. The following day I went to the recruters office and enlisted. My dad had never told me exactly what had happened to his brother, until that day. All of the alcohol education that I had to take to get my license back hit home. People, places, things. I am not saying that you need to face tragedy to get ahead, but I put 20 years in the service and straightened myself out. Sometimes a change of scenery does wonders. Good Luck.

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Sounds like you are hanging out with the wrong girls.

Sure, it's wrong to do what you did, but I never met a girl who fell asleep next to me that didn't want something, too.

Maybe she wanted it, but you were too eager.

Your best bet is to just contact her and apologize. Tell her that you had no idea what was going on but that is no excuse and that you respect your friends and don't want anyone to have hurt feelings.

In other words, kiss some ass (women love that) and convince her it'll never happen again.

You're 20 years old, I don't think you have a drinking problem. If anything you might need to branch out with a new group of easier chicks who get more drunk than you:laugh:

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i dont post in the tailgate much, but this is an interesting thread.

clearly the guy is sorry and the answer probably lies neither in quitting drinking nor shrugging this whole thing off. clearly the solution is somewhere in between.

youd be surprised how much easier it is to drink/hangout in moderation when you kind of change your entire lifestyle. dont ****ing worry about girls during the day. go throw a frisbee with your friends. go hangout at a river or something and just have fun without worrying about girls. this will help you relax a bit and have a lot of fun without alcohol. in other words, this will help you because it will turn your weekends into something more than just a time to get hammered.

this is coming from someone whose recent college years were a blur of bong smoke and Neil Young/Velvet Underground records. i looked forward to just partying like crazy on weekends and, like everyone, made some questionable moves. they never entailed what the original poster is going through, but i digress.

but now i am a lot more active on weekends. i go kayaking/camping/hiking a lot and the focus on getting drunk every friday adn saturday just isnt there.

of course, i usually go out on weekend nights for a few drinks or whatever, but drinking is no longer the overall masterplan for weekend days.

makes it a lot easier to have fun in moderation.

i hope that made at least a little sense.

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