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Official Congratulations to the NY Giants Thread


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Holy **** New York, most amazing **** ever. Great game, you guys are the champions of the NFL- everyone was writing you off in week 2. Amazing job champs, we'll see you next year

Including all their "loyal" fans.

The only ones (besides Tom) that beleived were the players on the team.

And kudos to them for standing behind Coughlin and Eli.

They showed me an incredible amount this year and proved to be worthy all the way to end.

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You all represented the NFC-East perfectly and showed we are #1!!!! AWESOME JOB AND THANK YOU!!!!!! :cheers: CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!

I'M SO PROUD and have never been SO HAPPY for a division rival in my life!!!

JUSTICE, baby!!! You all deserved it!!!!!! WAY TO FIGHT YOUR GUTS OUT AND TAKE WHAT IS YOURS!!!!!!! TRUE CHAMPIONS DON'T CHEAT!!!!! :point2sky

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