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Don't want health insurance? Hillary will get it for you and everyone else too


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Man, where on earth do you get the idea from what I said that government regulation is the answer?

I'm not proposing or advocating taking away the right of anyone to sue. The two changes I would make would be to limit damages awarded, and to make attorneys and judges financially accountable for frivolous lawsuits.

And what is that, if not government regulation?

Why should the government take away peoples' rights to be fully compensated for their injuries? I don't think it makes much sense to punish those who have been most injured - why should those who have been permanently hurt by a doctor's negligence be the ones to pay for health care for the rest of us?

And what kind of punishment are you proposing for judges? State judges are already accountable to the electorate, and giving some kind of financial penalty for federal judges would be a serious alteration of the separation of powers that might require Constitutional Amendment. Lawyers can already be censured or disbarred for frivolous lawsuits.

Fewer frivolous lawsuits and less insane cash awards would do a great deal to suppress the outrageous malpractice insurance premiums that all doctors have to deal with.
I certainly agree, but most of the states already have caps on non-economic damages, and we are still facing a crisis in rising medical costs. Lawyers, judges, and juries are only a small part of the problem ...

Lawyers, like doctors and insurance companies, are simply trying to make as much money as they can. If you think government regulation of the free market can be effective for malpractice, then you should also believe that government regulation of other aspects of the health care market can be similarly effective.

You can keep fighting for malpractice caps, and I have no doubt that very soon, all fifty states will have some kind of cap ... but I know that those caps are only the beginning of government regulation. The end result will be universal health care; it is the only reasonable solution.

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