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Snyder - "There are two or three candidates"


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I think it sounds more like, Fassel and Meeks in that order. Then someone other than Mooch, like Spags maybe.


The three names that have been mentioned for the Redskins' job are Jim Fassel, a former Giants head coach; Ron Meeks, defensive coordinator for the Indianapolis Colts; and Steve Mariucci, former head coach of the San Francisco 49ers and Detroit Lions.

"You'd be close," Snyder said in response to whether listing those names would be correct. "I'm a big fan of Ron Meeks. He's a heck of a coach."

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I'd like to get Ron Meeks Personally. I'd rather have someone with a bit more current experience as a coordinator then Fassel

I agree, especially vs. Fassel and not sure it matters whether the candidate's expertise is offense or defense. We have a lot of O experience with assistants (Buges, etc.)

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Meeks or fassel is who I want. mooch just wants to get paid.

I gotta respectfully disagree. I really think he misses coaching ... he's still been in on all things football working for the NFL Network, and I think he's itching to get back into it

I'm sure $$$$ is a motivating factor though for anyone being considered

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