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HOF Enshrinement Tickets on sale TODAY 2/1


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Okay, I know there are several HOF threads out there, but I thought this merited its own thread ... so mods, please don't NNT me .. just feel free to merge if you disagree with me. :)

Just wanted to let anyone know who's interested that tickets to the Hall of Fame Enshrinement went on sale this morning at 11:00 a.m. EST


I got good seats! Yay! Hope I get to see at least 2 Redskins greats enshrined!!!!


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Yeah, that's kind of silly to sell them before people know whether a player they like will be enshrined.

Well, I guess they count on people like me going out on a limb for the players they hope get in ... I just wanted to try and get good seats and figure there's always Ebay! :laugh:

I have always wanted to go anyway, so I likely will. But I really just hope my gamble pays off with Green and Monk both getting in.

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