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Overlooked co-ordinators


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This morning, I was thinking about the Fridge at Maryland and Dungy with the Colts. I was thinking about Lewis at Cincinatti, and a few others. But mostly, I was thinking about the hot coordinator that has gotten passed over a lot and is now cool.

I remember when everyone kept saying Dungy deserved a chance, but no one would ever pull the trigger. He was the hot candidate for four, five, six years, but was never the "guy" When finally someone did give him that chance, he proved to be one of the better coaches.

The Fridge was a guy with Superbowl credentials. As an O co-ordinator his offenses were always very good despite talent differentials. And yet, for twenty years, no one seriously considered him. The same with Marvin Lewis. Lewis and the Fridge have both had mixed records, but both also changed the storyline and generated more sucess for their team than either of the programs had experienced in a long, long time.

This brings me to the idea of Meeks. whose name has gone out of fashion. He's less interesting now. He is no longer hot, but it seems to me that he might just be no longer hot the way that Dungy was no longer hot, that the Fridge was no longer hot. I don't know why he hasn't gotten his chance yet. Why he never consummated the deal. Is he a bad interviewer? Does he lack people skills? Can he not convey a vision? Is it because he's black?

Still, his defenses have been uniformly strong and getting stronger and although he hasn't been the golden child for a while that may make him hungrier and more determined.

Is it time for the Meeks to inherit the 'skins?

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I really think they have to hire an offensive minded coach at this point. They have a veteran defensive coordinator with his system and staff already in place, and on the other side they have a new offensive coordinator who has never been an offensive coordinator installing a brand new offense. It just makes sense that they leave the defensive side of the ball alone and give Zorn the support he probably needs. It might not be in the best interest of the team but that's what they've set themselves up for.

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I think your probably right. I just like the idea of giving it to someone hungry, whose earned his shot, but still has a ton to prove.

Ironically, we're also turning Fassel into that guy. Fassel may be developing a huge chip on his shoulder and all this disbelief in him may really stoke his fire.

There are a number of great co-ordinators who are overlooked. Maybe Meeks isn't the guy, but there is someone out there toiling away and is brilliant and who is getting the max out of his guys who needs to be given a shot. That guy isn't McDaniels from the Pats. On D, it could be Meeks who took a tragic Colts O and more than just made them competitive.

Still, I want to get that guy who's great, but people keep bypassing because he doesn't have the right look. A Gibbs, Dungy, Fridge sort who doesn't fit the cookie cutter image of the head coach, but turns out to be great.

I actually really just don't want someone who has been a head coach before. I'm 90% sure our HC will have been a HC before though.

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