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Just wanted to get other folks' opinions on how things are playing out OTHER than the head coach fiasco. I am really excited about the defensive staff virtually staying in tact, and I'm glad Zorn has decided to keep Buges and some of the off. guys in tact. I do hope Byner re-signs though! As for the HC position, I do feel a bit better now that Mooch has become a VERY viable candidate. It also made me feel good to hear Randy Thomas say this:

Many of Gibbs' assistants were at Redskins Park on Monday, and nearly all that remain appear set to keep a job in some capacity under the new head coach. Guard Randy Thomas met with longtime Gibbs pal Joe Bugel, who will continue to coach the offensive line.

"I'm pretty clueless with the situation,'' Thomas said. "I just know Buges is going to be back. That's a big plus, rejuvenating it a little bit. A couple of other guys are back -- it's some good out of it."

This is a excerpt from the story about Carroll and the Redskins rumor that appeared on ESPN.com



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I can't wait to see what Zorn and his offensive scheme can allow Jason and this offense to accomplish - though it may take some time. I'll be thrilled the day our offense starts winning games, not counting on the defense to do so. Not to mention what Zorn will do for Campbell personally. I'm one of the people that think Campbell has a ton of potential, and Jim Zorn might be the perfect guy to get it all out of him.

I like many of the moves so far. Not the HC situation so much, but IMO there's already a HC in place - we just don't know it yet. Would've loved to see GW stay, though given the circumstances, it's more than understandable why he'd want out.

Extremely cautious, very very slightly optimistic is how I feel right now.

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I don't even consider the "HC fiasco" to be a fiasco at all, to be honest...firing GW is not a fiasco...waiting 3 weeks to hire the next HC is not a fiasco either, especially if there are issues that prevent you from doing so (even though the public may not know what they are)...hiring your OC and DC before your coach isn't necessarily a fiasco, either, especially if your next HC has already given the go-ahead to do so.

If Steve Mariuchi ends up being the next HC, then the delay may be simply due to his contractual obligations to the NFL Network up until after the Super Bowl...but in the meantime, Snyder is busy assembling the staff under Mooch's private direction. From the outside we see it as "chaos" (or some of us do)...but behind the scenes it may all be making 100% perfect sense.

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