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How do we know Snyder hasn't already met with Spagnuolo and McDaniels?


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I was thinking about this recently but maybe one of these guys is already calling the shots as secretive as this search has been it would make a ton of sense. We all assume that the Skins have not talked to eithier one of these guys but Gibbs retired right after we lost in the first round which gave us a chance to interview these two.

They both didn't really interview with Atlanta or Baltimore and McDaniels declined but he may have talked to the Skins already and neithier wants to cause a big comotion with their current team. Belichick as super secretive as he is and Coughlin would have given permission but would also not want a bunch of hoopla until after the playoffs. That would explain why Snyder has made the search super secretive and hasn't named a head coach but is already compiling their staff for them while making there Super Bowl run.

It makes sense I know there isn't any Redskin One connection to those areas but New York is super close to DC so an interview there wouldn't be any problem and McDaniels had a bye week before the start of the playoffs. Don't be surprised if quickly after the superbowl we name one of these guys but quite frankly would anything surprise us now.

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I don't know about that but this report came out just a few minutes ago

NFL Network analyst Steve Mariucci could reportedly meet with the Redskins regarding their head coaching vacancy by as early as Wednesday.

Colts defensive coordinator Ron Meeks is in for a second interview Tuesday, but it would be a surprise if a defensive mind got the job. Mariucci and Jim Fassel appear to be the current frontrunners to succeed retired Joe Gibbs.

Source: Washington Times

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