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#2 Which receiver will have the biggest impact in the Super Bowl?


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I'm going to go with Steve Smith for the Giants. I think the pats will spread it around a lot and not have 1 guy with any standout stats.

Well, the Pats will have at least one guy with standout stats...

His name is Tom Brady :laugh::laugh::laugh::laugh::laugh:

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Welker for the pats and Boss for the gmen
Boss hasn't caught many so far but when he has, they've been clutch. The way the Pat's LB's are in coverage he has a shot. I think Smith had the biggest day for the Giants but the losers(:silly: ) aren't going to have the biggest impact receiver.

Based on their week 17 meeting Welker appears the logical choice. I think Spags makes the adjustments to Welker and Moss.

Instead of going another WR I'm going out on a limb and say the middle will be left open for Ben Watson.

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Looks like I'm was wrong with smith so far at least, tipped that ball to hobbs for the int and could have had a td at the half.

Smith ended up making up this mistake with a key first down catch.

Eli was pretty damned on point tonight. Even though I am a die hard redskins fan I was rooting for the G-men all night long.

Pretty fantastic game...

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