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Scott Van Pelt, Redskin Fan Baby!


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Just got done watching ESPN and Scott Van Pelt was telling a short story about how he felt as a redskins fan watching Riggo make that td fun in the Skins vs Dolpins SB. I love it! I knew he was a fan, but to have someone with the creditionals as he does cheer for the skins like we do is bad ass.

Now that I bring that up. What other big name guys besides ex skins players are skins fans?

I know this much: Matthew McConaughey, Mathew Berry, Brandon Lang, Scott Van Pelt.

Who am I missing?

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stewart is a colts fan....denny hamlin is a Redskin fan

BURn!!!!!! J/k but it was funny haha, maybe not. I'm bored and want a coach please!! No more rumors!!! Good thread by the way at least there are no rampant rumors for me to blow my head up with here.

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