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Does anyone else have this POS calendar?:mad:

So far, each day this year, I've been greeted with an awsome bit of knowledge regarding one of the following players:

TJ Duckett

Troy Vincent

Vernon Fox

Jeff Posey.

I swear they printed these calendars in January 2007.

I'm just happy I didn't spend money on this. Someone gave it to me as a gift.

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omg!!! I was going to post the same thing the other day... how is it trivia when you give me facts about an ex-skin for four days then on friday ask a question where aforementioned player is the answer!!

And I don't care that Posey played for 5 NFL teams before joining the skins.... give me some real facts!

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I have the wall Calendar.

Once March comes around, I'm going to have a whole month of Lemar Marshall.....

He's on it again? He was on it last year too.

I could think of a number of players who should be on the calendar before him....even if he were still on this team.

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