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This could be the start of a few bad weeks.


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The firing of one of the best DC's in the game and our search for a head coach is obvious. If we end up with Fassell, then we are screwed. Our owner is a moron and our GM... well, you know what a great one he is. Here comes more years of rebuilding. YEAH!!! Hey, I know, lets raise ticket prices also.

Even worse, I have a bad feeling about the HOF voting. I believe that Monk and Green will both be snubbed. If Monk can be snubbed this long, then yes, Darrell can as well. I believe that Green will get in, but not this year. Monk will have to wait until the members can vote him in. I hope I'm wrong, but the idiot sports writers will think of some reason to keep Green out. Not enough INT's, or pro-bowls. Whatever....

Just wait, the anti-Redskin voters will show up in full force and screw us again.

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