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Which players will depart now that GW and AS are gone?(merged with poll)


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pretty sure washington stays unless they sign Briggs, and i am pretty sure Rock stays as well...as for Springs he may be gone, but who knows how much need there is for an aging CB, however we may be able to get Trufant

I hope we sign Briggs. That should indicate that it was snyder and not Gibbs all along who wanted to make that stupid deal and would also lend credibility to the theory that Snyderatto and not Gibbs was handling personnel issues all along.

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you hear Blache on TV tonihgt? He believes that defense starts with the CBs. Another off-season of CB first and line...well...maybe later!

I am glad I didn't see that. If Williams couldn't be here I at least felt a little better about one of his assistants taking the reigns. But defense starting with CBs? I don't believe I have ever heard a coach say that before. That may make Springs and his high cap number very happy.

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Mark Brunell, Jon Jansen, Sha"W"n Springs and Marcus Washington will all be casualties of the off season.

Mark it down.

If Rock likes the smell of money, he's gone as well.

Mark Brunell: Probably. He has a big cap hit and Gibbs was the only reason he was on this team.

Jon Jansen: Not sure. We just gave him an ew deal not too long ago so cutting him could cause some cap problems. If we can afford it we might as well. He's just not the same player.

Sha"W"n Springs: Tough to say. Would help us out a lot cap-wise but he is our best corner when healthy.

Marcus Washington: Almost certainly. One of our better FA signings but he is another one with a big cap hit and he was our worst starting LB last season.

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I'm so scared for my boy Marcus. I think he had a down year because of being nicked up. He's still got some flare. I hope he doesn't leave, I'll always be a Marcus fan - unless he goes to Dallas or Philly. Praying to God he won't.

I realize he had a dislocated elbow this season.. I saw something though I didn't want to say during the season: Marcus has lost a step.PERIOD I really like Marcus Washington and wish him the best, but he had to have known he has lost a step..

So Marcus Washington Please Prove Me Wrong


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