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Which players will depart now that GW and AS are gone?(merged with poll)


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Um...this poll is opposite to the thread title now with the merge. Plus, the absence of multiple choice makes it pretty inaccurate.

Anyhow, players on this list I think will depart:

- Brunell

- Collins

- Lloyd

- Springs (maybe depending on Rogers' injury and cap restructuring situation)

Remember, Springs said last year he'd restructure but not take an outright paycut. Usually, restructures just involve a bonus guaranteed to spread over contract and reduce cap in the specific year. However, the Redskins asked him to take a straight paycut of a few million because of his injury situation and dependability issues. We'll see what happens now with a new HC.

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If London Fletcher and Portis leaves, then we might as well trade our entire roster for draft picks and start from scratch, cause this team will look and feel nothing like it did last season.

A damn shame this team had to go through so much pain and hardship to form such a tight bond, only to have the owner piss it away...

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From JLC "Several players called me today to say how shocked they were that Williams was gone, especially in light of the way the unit bonded in the aftermath of Sean Taylor's death, how much they loved playing for him. "It was a shock to me and the rest of my teammates," one veteran said."

Seems like all the veterans which have shown support to GW will be gone.

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The only one I could really see leaving is Springs because he seems very hard headed about restructuring his contract plus his age at lack of speed might have the Redskins look elsewhere for a corner. Guys like Portis and Fletcher they are key here in Washington and they have said that they want to be here, Portis himself has already come out that he is open to restructure. I think that after the whole Sean Taylor tragedy this team wants to stay together.

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I have a feeling Portis and Moss are outta here, especially after what he said (Moss) after the Seattle game. I can't remember what he said now but I recall it said something about getting out of DC......

he said something about getting away from football for a while because of the way he played in that Seattle game, plus to mention the emotional toll last season had on him (Sean Taylor). - He said nothing negative about the team.

I don't see huge over turn of players and players are accustomed to the reality that in the NFL, there are coaching changes all the time.

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After he got burned by Hackett for the game losing score, he was on his way out anyway.
pierson preiloe or however its spelled, is the 1st guy gone, lock it up.

Pierson Prioleau is a good call. He stunk and the only reason he has been around is he was one of Williams' cronies from Buffalo.

Shawn Springs will be 34&1/2 years at the start of the season, with a record of injuries, a big price tag, and really just ok-fine production. Without a defensiveback-obsessed coach like Williams he would be ripe for the picking.

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