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goodbye gregg williams


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so not only is williams not going to be our head coach...but there is now no way he will ever work for our organization in any way again... snyder has now begun a smear campaign against him... as of the moment he is publicly saying that williams bashed gibbs in his interview... now i am sure williams was critical of some things and rightly so... gregg and joe were friends and were very close...you can tell that from the last 4 years they were buddies and nothing gregg said was malicious or meant to hurt gibbs or his image in any way and this is 100% snyder trying to make williams look like a bad candidate to the players and the fans and the media...its a ploy so snyder can go out and hire ****ty ass jim fassel who is going to turn us into the washington giants... i dont want him i dont want anyone i want gregg because i know he can do a good job... **** SNYDER AND IM GETTING CLOSE TO SAYING **** THE REDSKINS.. i cannot deal with this bull****... gregg wants the ability to pursue his own personnel..and we all know that with gibbs gone snyder and cerrato want that job back they want to do that and gregg knows it and he tried to get it and snyder isnt happy about it... this is stupid and its all because snyder is the worst owner in the history of sports... i ****ing cant stand this

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