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First post, but is this a sign for our wrs in 08?


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Yeah, he just turned 30 but for a WR, I don't think that's old.

TO is 34, Randy Moss will be 31 next month.

I doubt we'd be able to keep all four for very long, but that would be great...

Anyway, welcome aboard! And ignore any wanna be mods. You did nothing wrong in your post.

thank you there sir..and supposedly i heard that cj has told he always wanted to be a redskin...not sure how true that is but it would give ample amount of time for anthony mix to develop what he could possibly be...in the meantime between time we could have one of the sickest passing offenses just like the patriots...except welker is more as a possession and our 3 would be speed...damn im thinkin cj moss antwan mix and cooley running routes ...o my god i wouldnt even know who to cover. and if they go to a pure 7-8 db set just sneak in a draw up the middle just like the pats did...

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i dont really understand what i did wrong...i made a thread about a wr that i would love to be in tha burgundy and gold...never seen it i guess the only thing i didnt do was use the search function but who does that nowadays?? lol but im sorry..your majesty i will clean up my act!

Something I've learned on here. If you're thinking about posting what you think is new info, a new picture or something, a new video? Don't. Cause it's probably already been on here. The guys on here are very, very quick with this stuff.

Believe it or not, this pic has been posted in it's own thread about 15 times.

:laugh: It's cool though man.

It's really not that big of a deal that people are making it out to be.

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