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Is it the Coach or the QB?

Dr. Redskin

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In looking at another thread yesterday about hiring the next coach of the Washington Redskins, I realized that we might be barking up the wrong tree in regards of who the coach should be. I think that coaches do a lot for a football team. Having the "right" or "wrong" coach can be the difference in mediocrity or glory. However, I am starting to think that exceptional and timely Quarterback play is the difference and many of these so called genius coachs may not have ever won the Super Bowl if it wasnt for their Quarterback.

So lets go back over the past 15 Superbowl Champions and examine who the coach and quaterback was and see if each coach could have won without their QB.

2007 - Colts 29, Bears 17 Coach- Tony Dungy QB- Peyton Manning

Coach Dungy couldn't get over the hump with the team he built in Tampa and won with Future HOF Manning as his QB.

2006 - Steelers 21, Seahawks 10 Coach- Bill Cowher QB- Ben Roethlisberger

Roethlisberger has been a solid QB since his rookie year in 2005 and contiues to be solid up to now despite playing horrible in the SB. Cowher previously choked in 3 AFC Champ games and SB XXX.

2005 - Patriots 24, Eagles 21 Coach- Bill Belicheck QB- Tom Brady

This is Belicheck's 3rd SB win with Tom Brady as QB.

2004 - Patriots 32, Panthers 29 Coach-Belicheck QB- Tom Brady

This is Belicheck's 2nd SB win with Tom Brady as QB.

2003 - Buccaneers 48, Raiders 21 Coach- Jon Gruden QB- Brad Johnson

Gruden inherits Dungy's well built team that is definsively sound and gets timely play from Johnson at QB. Johnson leaves 1 season later and the Bucs have gone nowhere since.

2002 - Patriots 20, Rams 17 Coach- Bill Belicheck QB- Tom Brady

Bledsoe gets butt kicked in 3rd game of year and Brady takes over for him. Patriots never look back. Belicheck to this point was a fiarly mediocre coach.

2001 - Ravens 34, Giants 7 Coach- Brian Billick QB- Trent Dilfer

I think you could insert any QB in Dilfer's place and this team would win. However, Billick never could get over the hump after this, so Dilfer's play was timely if only for this one season.

2000 - Rams 23, Titans 16 Coach- Dick Vermeil QB- Kurt Warner

For 3 years Warner was All-Universe in terms of his play. He set all kinds of records and made in the process completed Vermeil's trophy case.

1999 - Broncos 34, Falcons 19 Coach- Mike Shanahan QB- John Elway

This is Shanahan's second win with HOF Elway at the wheel.

1998 - Broncos 31, Packers 24 Coach- Mike Shanahan QB- John Elway

Shanahan was a marginal coach at his previous stint in Oakland/LA?. He has never made it back to the big game since Elway retired.

1997 - Packers 35, Patriots 21 Coach- Mike Holmgren QB- Brett Favre

Farve is a Future HOF and holds lifetime records in many categories. Holmgren has made the Superbowl with another team and different QB. This one is a push.

1996 - Cowboys 27, Steelers 17 Coach- Barry Switzer QB- Troy Aikman

Troy is a HOF. Barry inherits Jimmy Johnson's team and holds the steering wheel as the Cowboys win their 3rd in 4 years.

1995 - 49ers 49, Chargers 26 Coach- George Seifert QB- Steve Young

Young threw 6 TD's in this game and was overall an oustanding QB. Seifert went on to run the Panthers into the ground.

1994 - Cowboys 30, Bills 13 Coach- Jimmy Johnson QB- Troy Aikman

This is Jimmy Johnson's 2nd straight SB win with Troy Aikman at the helm.

1993 - Cowboys 52, Bills 17 Coach- Jimmy Johnson QB- Troy Aikman

Johnson built this dynasty and gets a lot of credit. Aikman goes on to be a HOF'er. This may also be a push.

So which is more important, Head Coach or Quarterback? I think it may not matter who the next Redskin coach will be as long as they have faith in Jason Campbell's abilities and allow him to be a constant in the offense. If not then the coach will need to bring out a QB who has an excellent season or will be a futrure Hall of Famer.

So lets not get so caught up in who the coach will be. Looking at the above, I think its safe to say that Coaches are only as good as their starting Quarterback.

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